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Trent Glaze

This doesn’t have anything to do with Notre Dame football I know, but it is just a great story and really great to see stuff like this for kids that really love the game. My prayers go out to Trent Glaze and his family. Muscular dystrophy is tough I have a pretty close friend who’s little brother has the disease and its tough to on him and the family, wish Trent the best and glad he didn’t let it stop him from his dreams.

Philip Rivers vs. Dayne Crist

This is Philip Rivers Last night as he is going into score which would have taken the lead with 1:07 left on the clock in the 4th.

vs. Crist… Who was going into score against hated rival USC the ball on the 1 yard line next thing we know 14 point swing.

Rough day all in all for these two. Being a ND fan I’d say its worst for Crist and I think others would say so too, but Philip Rivers blunder had to hurt too. But for me both hurt because I lost in Fantasy Football this week by 2 meesley points, guess who my quarter back is? Yep you guessed it Philip Rivers who actually gave me the lead and then lost it again, NICE ONE Rivers, thumbs up for sure.

Weekly Poll

Just seeing where you guys would want to see the Irish go if they had to join a conference.

ND 54 Navy 14

Notre Dame dominated the midshipmen this weekend. Irish came into the game with life and wanted to prove a point. Notre Dame racked up 442 total yards 182 on the ground and the other 260 coming through the air. Notre Dame did it all Saturday they played good defense, looked good on offense, and coaches had the team prepared. Irish are now 5-3 and will be playing Wake Forest this weekend who has played pretty good football this year. Wake Forest comes in at 5-3 with a big upset win over Florida State.

The Lost Timeouts

Notre Dames lost timeouts against USC are now on sale on ebay.While other ND fans might not find it funny it is a good little laugh. Check them out


Navy @ Notre Dame Preview

This week Navy (2-5) will be playing Notre Dame (4-3) in South Bend. The Irish are coming off a brutal loss to USC, while Navy comes off a heart breaker to East Carolina. Navy has played tough all year 4 of their 5 losses coming down to 3 points or less, including a 24-21 loss to South Carolina. Navy quarterback Kriss Proctor is likely going to be out with injury, he has been the head of Navy’s option attack this year. Notre Dame has been focusing on preparation this week as Brian Kelly said in one of his interviews that ND needs to do  better job of this.

ND Offense

This week, I really hope ND does some things different than they have been so far this season. I would really like see Jonas Gray get more touches, he has ran well this season and has looked better than Cierre Wood as of late. Personally I think  Jonas Gray would be the starting running back on 90% of teams in major D1 college football. I would also like to see more of Andrew Hendrix, he is most likely then future QB for ND, or maybe Everett Golson both are talented and cant wait to see what they both can bring to the table. I like Tommy Rees he’s done a great job but I don’t think he is going to bring ND to a BCS game. Hendrix and Golson both have so much upside with their speed which will open ND’s playbook up so much more that a BCS bowl becomes more realistic. Hopefully ND will jump out to an early lead so we can see a little more of Andrew Hendrix, and get him more in game experience.

ND Defense

There isn’t going to be to much pass attack this weekend, so hopefully we see the Irish make solid tackles and be able to control the line of scrimmage. I think Harrison Smith, Manti Teo, and Louis Nix all have big games. Make sure you keep an eye on Aaron Lynch, and Stephon Tuitt with KLM out(Tuitt may play some NT). I want to get to see some more of Ishaq Williams. Darius Fleming who is very underrated in my eyes is someone who could have a big game. Defense should be strong hopefully they are prepared and come out with intensity setting a tone for the Irish.

ND Special Teams

Expect special teams to play how they have been. Kick return team has been great, George Atkinson III has been great will he keep it up? I think so. I hope the punt team will step up this week, Ben Turk blast one please or stick one inside the 10? Would ya? Maybe we should try Kyle Brindza? He’s got a leg. Please lets try someone else besides John Goodman returning punts this week, any one Roby Toma, Tai-ler Jones, any one doesnt matter but please try something new im just tired of seeing us go backwards on punt returns.

Overall I think ND comes out with fire under them and takes control of this game early. ND has a monster day on the ground and Rees hooks up with Floyd 8-9 times. ND defense is a little shaky at times but plays well all in all. ND 41, Navy 23.

Notre Dame thinking of adding a JumboTron